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Declaration of consent

I consent in my own name that Villa Francesca may use my personal data, in particular
  • master data (name, first name, main residence, address, e-mail address, telephone number, professional and private contact details including fellow travelers and their relationships, date of birth, address and language)
  • the data in identity cards (e.g. travel document, ID card, driver's license, etc. including issuing authority and duration, nationality)
  • arrival and departure dates and duration of the booking, vacation rental property
  • the services I have requested and personal preferences that I announce (e.g. food or upholstery requests), as well as allergies, intolerances, special needs and customer or special requests, the date and type of services used and consumed including special categories of data
  • the data on the method of payment and in connection with payments, in particular the bank data
  • customer feedback
  • data with image / audio
to processed for the following purposes:
  • reservation of holiday apartments and other services, booking of holiday apartments and services in Villa Francesca as well as their implementation, processing and invoicing of these and other rental services and services
  • customer care including all correspondence required for this, processing of customer requests, service accounting
  • advising the customer
  • video surveillance with sound of all entrances to Villa Francesca, all company-owned areas outside of Villa Francesca and the associated park for security purposes, e.g. to protect people and property, in particular the property of guests and the hotel.
Furthermore, the transmission of the data to
  • • online booking platforms [, HomeAway, Trip Advisor, Expedia]
agreed so that there can be no overbooking.
I want my services related to the use of Villa Francesca to be as effective and time-saving as possible, and that my special customer requests may continue to be taken into account. For the purpose of my optimal care, I wish that
  • all of my data mentioned in this declaration
  • may be stored beyond the duration of my business relationship withVilla Francesca and
  • for a maximum of 3 years beyond the longest statutory retention period applicable to the hotel,
  • so that in the event of a new use of the Villa Francesca requested by me may be processed and
  • transmitted to third parties to the extent necessary.
I have been informed that I am entitled to revoke this consent in whole or in part at any time to Villa Francesca. I am aware that the hotel's data privacy policy can be called up on its web portal at and I hereby confirm that I have read and understood it and am associated with it.

phone number +43 670 4047099
+43 667 7811101
address Zellbergeben 36
A - 6277 Zellberg
Österreich, Europa

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